Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A trip in the Millenium Borough

This blog contains a number of video clips to help you develop strategies for understanding what you hear with the support of images. Sometimes what you hear and what you see are not quite in step and it's easy to miss something. The important thing is to get an overall 'picture' of the story, interview or other narrative.

To help you get an idea about what you are going to hear you might like to watch the clip first with the sound off. You can work out what the clip is about. As it changes scene think about the vocabulary that you need to describe each one. Write down five or six key words for each scene.

Then watch again with the sound on. How did your preparation help? Did it help you pick up the information that was a bit behind the images? Did you find anything distracting or could you cope with the background noise?

Now you are ready to try the video clips on the other pages. Share your thoughts about the clips with a comment at the bottom of the page.